Our team, equipped with the latest technology, is prepared to drive your construction sites forward. We offer a variety of services that cater to your individual needs including, but not limited to, utility staking, paving offsets/blue-tops, and building layout.

3D Modeling

Xsurv offers digital terrain models, with 100% coverage, to fast-track grading on your site. We produce information for grade checkers, surveyors, and machine control systems, with support for all major equipment brands.

Aerial Mapping

More data in a fraction of the time. Today’s industry is more technologically advanced than ever before, and we’re prepared to bring you along. Red/blues, stockpile quantities, site volumetrics, and progress tracking are just a few of the options with Xsurv. Your leap into today’s tech world is one request away.


If you’re tied up on site, with no help on bidding your next project, Xsurv can help. We offer a host of options ranging from simple takeoffs to full, custom estimating. Do what you’re best at — moving earth — and let us handle the CAD files, plans and calculations. Individual packages are also available.

Why us?

Xsurv is a quality-oriented, innovative, and highly experienced company formed to help drive the construction space forward.

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Our Process



Your first step with being our client should start out with a proper introduction. We’d love to introduce ourselves and give some background into Xsurv and how we’re prepared to earn your business.


Receive Request

After initial contact is made, and you’re prepared to move forward with Xsurv, you’ll send a detailed request to our team. This request will be added to our internal job board and worked on immediately.


Process Project

Our team will take the necessary steps to ensure your project is completed accurately and on time. In cases where we find errors or need to submit RFI’s, those will be sent directly to our clients. Our goal is to make sure your project runs as smoothly as possible.


Project Completion

Depending on file request type, our team will either schedule a crew or deliver the necessary files. For 3D modeling, files will be saved via cloud-based solution where you and your team will have access to download and share.

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Industries Served

Heavy Civil

With precision and accuracy at the core of our services, we ensure that staking is executed to DOT standards, and to the standards of our clients. We’re experienced in roadway paving, utilities, and structures. From drilled shafts to 10th points, and from footings to strap lengths, we’re experienced and ready to help your most complicated projects. We also offer data prep as an option, for those in need of a little extra help getting crews going.


Your project needs to be right the first time. Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and cutting-edge techniques, we meticulously establish the precise locations for foundation footings, utilities, grading, and other critical elements. With our attention to detail and unwavering commitment to quality, we strive to ensure that your construction project will begin on solid ground, meeting design specifications and minimizing costly errors.


Accurate layout is indispensable in residential construction as it ensures the project is right from the get-go. With a high level of experience in the residential construction industry, Xsurv is ready for your most challenging sites. Need a 3D design for parabolic roadways? We have you covered. Need retaining wall staked, utilities laid out, or elevation verification? Yep, we have you covered.


Precise staking plays a crucial role in industrial construction by providing accurate and detailed data about the project site. This information enables engineers and construction teams to plan, design, and execute the project effectively, ensuring precise alignment of structures, optimal utilization of resources, and adherence to safety standards, ultimately leading to a successful and efficient industrial construction process.

What is your response time?

Do you work out of town (outside of the DFW Metroplex)?

What systems do you build models for?

How long does it take to receive data after a flight for aerial mapping?

What happens if you find issues with plans or CAD files?

Meet our specialists

Daniel McClellin


Zach Stinton


James P. Keene RPLS, PLS

Registered Professional Land Surveyor

Jason Skinner

Director of Field Ops

Efrain Guerrero

CAD Tech

Javier Alvarado

CAD Tech

Kevin Ramirez

Party Chief

Noah Stone

Party Chief

Julian Stone

Part 107 sUAS Remote Pilot

David Mendez

Party Chief

Jake Burrow

Jr. Party Chief

What Our customers say

“XSURV is a great asset to our company by providing us with 3D model design, CAD and ariel mapping services. Always quick turnarounds on initial designs, updating site design changes, as well as GPS troubleshooting to keep our projects on time which allows us to better serve the needs of our customers.”

Drew Davis, Owner

D & M Services, LLC

What Our customers say

"The team at Xsurv LLC are some of the best in the business.  Having worked with Zach, Daniel, and several members of their team for many years, I can honestly say they are the best I have worked with in my thirty years of construction.  Their many years of actual field experience and dealing with the variables and challenges that inevitably come up in the field, is what I believe sets them apart.  Because of that experience, they don’t waste your time or money…you get prompt and accurate drone, topo, staking, and model building services at reasonable rates."

Philip Hays

President, Texas Heavy Civil, LLC

What Our customers say

“We are always impressed with the quality of product and experience your team provides to ourprojects. The consistency and reliability of your model builders, drone flight data, and gradecheckers always makes XSurv a valuable “go to” vendor for our most challenging projects.We truly appreciate what you bring to our team, and look forward to partnering with youon more projects.”

Eric Brown

Vice President, Greater Dallas Development

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